Condensed matter systems, due to their inherent complexity, often have measurable properties whose values are sensitive to experimental details. There are, however, a remarkable set of materials, collectively known as topological phases, which have one or more features that are precisely quantized.

             Figure: Experimental setup for the IQHE.

A prominent example of such a phase is the integer quantum Hall effect (IQHE), a phenomenon that arises in two-dimensional systems of electrons in a magnetic field. In the IQHE, a stable (Hall) conductance can be measured that agrees with theoretical predictions better than one part in a billion—this would be equivalent to measuring the distance between New York and Los Angeles to an accuracy of one millimetre! More recently, similar topological features have been observed in systems known as topological insulators

Our group studies these and other topological phases of matter, as well as more general strongly correlated systems. Some of our recent work explores:

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